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PostSubject: {_READ BEFORE APPLYING_}   Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:03 am

If you want to become a pupil or student there are a few things you should know first as breaking any of the following agreements will result in being removed from the school.

Firstly you must agree to the following rules:
  • Hacking - Is completely forbidden, this will result in an instant ban and being removed from the school.
  • Concentrate and Listen - While in lessons you are to do as you are told, you should listen to everything a teacher has to say and do as he says. If you mess around and a teacher reports you missbehaved while in a lesson you will recieve 1 penalty point. (Penalties will be explained later)
  • Tag / Name - While with a teacher whether it is an official lesson or just playing public if you are together and a teacher is instructing you, you must wear our school tag which is: e-sportz | name | 2DS
  • Activity - We require you are reasonably active, by this we mean you play at a minimum of 2-3 times per week even if its for 30 minutes. You could possibly be removed if you are seen to be inactive

Secondly you should use the following application form to post any requests to join our school.


Name/Nickname: *
Time Playing CS2D:
Can you speak english: *
MSN: *
Why do you want to join our school?
Who recommended you?
Do you accept the agreement? *


If it has a "*" it mean you MUST fill out that information or your application will be refused automatically.

Penalties will be given to pupils that have missbehaved in some manor, this could be anything from not listening and messing around in a lesson to arguing or flaming while wearing our tag. Depending on the severity of the offence a penalty may be given ranging from 1-5 points. 1 being a minor offence, 5 being a major offence. A total of 20 points on any pupils record will result in being expelled from the school.

Other than that, we hope you all the best!
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