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 War Request Form

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PostSubject: War Request Form   Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:45 pm

[CW] Request Form

Clan name:

xonx [3on3, 5on5 etc]:



Number of maps / witch map(s):

Number of rounds:


Server Settings [Freezetime / Roundtime / Password etc]

More information [if it's needed]:

Information: We do only take on serious requets. No mix teams or anything like that will be accepted.
Try to fill out the whole request form. Leave as much information as possiable so the process will go smoother.
Try to request the war atleast a few days before the match is going to be played, that way both teams will have time to plan.
We will not accept war request by clans that wants to play the war in 3 days or earlier. The sooner you request the better.
By requesting a war you also accept surtent rules setup by e-sportz. This means that all sorts of hacking / cheating by your clan or any of the members in your team will result in a w/o win for e-sportz. Same with the abuse of rcon on the server where the war is played.
If a player in any of the teams re-connect or ragequits the match will be played til finish with one less player on your team. No other member of your team is allowed to take his place, and he isen't allowed to come back. If a player lags out the match will continue and the player that lagged out can re-join anytime.

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War Request Form
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